r/Championship – Swansea City 1:3 Bristol City – Swans collapse as Robins steal all 3 points

r/Championship - Nottingham Forest 0:0 Bournemouth - No goal draw in Nottingham as Woodgate keeps his unbeaten start as manager

Imagine this storyline. Swansea, a team solidly in the playoffs, almost poking at the autos at stages, see a big drop off in form, but all the teams below them are too inconsistent to capitalise. Step up a Nottingham Forest side who for large swathes of the season have been dismal, but put together a huge charge at the end of the season, and coming into a final day are 3 points down on the swans with a goal difference 6 down on them. Cue a crazy final day as Forest win 4-1 and Swansea lose 4-1 after a second half meltdown. Chaos proceeds to ensue and south Wales gets set on fire.

Revenge is best served shithoused.

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