r/Championship – Bournemouth 2:3 Barnsley – Tykes infatic run continues as they extend lead in play offs

r/Championship - Nottingham Forest 0:0 Bournemouth - No goal draw in Nottingham as Woodgate keeps his unbeaten start as manager

Credit to Barnsley, much more likeable team than us.

Millions on players, pennies on managers is something I saw on social media that nicely sums it up. It’s such a shame that we have had such incompetent people involved in running the club at our most successful period.

Half a decade in the Premier League and we don’t own our ground, have a tiny training ground, have no good off the pitch staff and generally nothing to show for it. The only thing that gives me a ray of hope is thinking of the day these chancers are all gone and we have a club we can get behind again.


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